Tristina & Daniel 2010

The greatest investment we made with our wedding was hiring you as our photographer! I am so thankful for the referral of the Felio's and the great flexibility you had to work around our schedule to provide us the best gift...our photos! Although months have gone by, I look at our pictures and it seems like yesterday. When you are looking at hiring a photographer, you want them to capture the moments so when you go back and look at them, you feel as you were in them! You have successfully achieved that! It is surreal when I look at our is a total fairytale! They are gorgeous and flawless! I look at the pictures and I say, " I can't believe that is us...they are so incredible!" All we get our comments about how amazing our pictures look! Your portraits should be in a bridal magazine and the amazing colors and contracts you capture in the outdoors, should be shown in only the best outdoor magazines. You truly exhibited the beauty of a wedding and the focus of two lives coming together. I can't say it enough but you captured all that we wanted and more! We feel even more blessed because were able to get to know you as the wonderful of the person you are...far more than just a photographer! You have a great way of making people feel comfortable and your work is a reflection of you! We are your forever clients and are looking forward to you capturing our future memories as we start our family. Fairytale Creations is a great secret that everyone should discover! You have such gifted talent Courtney...we are so grateful to you for documenting one of the most important moments in our life! We will cherish them for a lifetime.Thank you!!"